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05 November 2010 @ 04:34 pm
EPIC JOICK COTINUES!!!! -To Understand Our Love-Chapter 3  
Title: To Understand Our Love CH.3
Pairing: Joe/Nick
Rating: PG (For a bit guys...sorry!)
Warnings: incest silly but not for a little while
Summary: Kevin and Nick make Popsicles w/o Joe but Nick doesn't care, he just wants the strings to sound right
Disclaimer: I Don't know them! Which sucks! But at least I can write fic about the Lurve!
If you're one of the SAD SAD persons that MISSED the PROLOGUE and CHAPTERS 1 & 2 there's a link at the bottom of the cut.

A/N: So I've been a bad girl about updating and that's why this is here early! Ch.4 will come in timely and fairly long...things are about to get very interesting in the Jonas household! FIRST COMMENTER TO GUESS WHAT BIG THING HAPPENS NEXT IN PLOT GETS TO READ CH.4 TWO DAYS BEFORE IT'S PUBLICLY POSTED!

Chapter 3

August 6th 1996, Wyckoff NJ

It was a scorcher. 102 degrees in shade and the Jonas household was sweltering and subdued. Small fans sat in the corner of three rooms, the living room, the parents’ room, and the kitchen, whirring away, pushing hot air around. Kevin Sr. had left the house and went on a small trip to a church out of town. Denise had gone out grocery shopping, and as such had told the boys to stay out of trouble while she was gone, asking the neighbor to keep an eye out on them for a time. The boys had nothing against Ms.Lantieri, really. She was nice and sometimes funny and always brought them baked goods or pasta claiming they had to fatten up. But she pinched their cheeks way too hard and snored so loudly when she fell asleep on the couch that they couldn’t watch tv without waking her. It was the only tv in the house so that could get annoying. Today though, there was really absolutely no reason for her to be there because no one was moving.

All three boys were haphazardly sprawled across the living room floor. Shirts were shucked and shorts were thread bare. Nick turned his head to the right to watch a drop of sweat trickle down the arch of Joe’s back and settle at the base of his spine. He stared at it until his eyes blurred and then closed them in an effort to sleep like his big brother had managed to, to escape the heat. But it was too hot to sleep. It was too hot to breathe, too hot to do anything but lay there and try anyway.

“I can’t sleep either, little bro. Don’t know how he does it but Danger’s always been able to fall asleep anywhere.” Kevin mumbled. “As long as he’s near you” went unsaid.

Nicky sighed, heavy breath getting stuck in his chest halfway through.

“You wanna make popsicles? We’ll have to move but I think it’ll be worth it to stand in front of the freezer and have something cold to eat later that doesn’t just taste like water.”

Nick nodded minutely and turned to reach out and wake up Joe when he felt a hand clamp around his arm.


“No…um…I thought…maybe just we could do it? I mean….besides Joe’s, like, sleep now anyway. You know how cranky he gets when he’s woken up. Come on.” Kevin said pulling Nicky up by the hand. He didn’t let go once they were up and walking and Nick felt weird. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Kevin, he was his brother and he loved him, it was just he wasn’t used to holding hands with Kevin, and his palm was a little big and kinda sweaty and too warm. Nick wiggled his hand out of his big brother’s grasp. Kevin acted as if he hadn’t noticed.

“So….we’ve got lemonade and apple juice and I think there’s some Kool-Aid in the cabinet, what do you wanna make them out of?”

“Um….Kool-Aid’s good. It’s cherry right?” Cherry was Nick’s favorite.

“’Course bud. Mom and Dad wouldn’t buy anything different. They know you only like the cherry kind.” Kevin said, simply.

He stood on a stool to reach the Kool-Aid and took a spoon out of the drawer. He got down a big cup (one of the extra large plastic ones they kept from McDonald’s) and poured water into it.

“Okay Nicky, I’m gonna put in the Kool-Aid but you wanna stir?” He said. Kevin saw Nick’s eyes light up and a big grin spread across his face. “Cool. Okay so get up here on the chair. Here’s a spoon.” He gave the large green spoon to his little brother and watched as he methodically stirred clockwise with a look of great concentration on his face, tiny pink tongue peeking out from between his lips. Kevin couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Good. Now I’m gonna pour but if you want you can stand in front of the freezer while I put them in there.”

“Yeah, Okay.” Nick replied.

Kevin went across the kitchen and opened the freezer. A gust of visible, chilled air came swirling out. The two brothers let out a collective sigh. Kevin slid the Kool-Aid cubes in the bottom of the freezer and got on his tip toes to put his head inside. Not two seconds after he felt a tug on the waist band of his shorts.

“Kevin, I want to try.” Nicky demanded.

“Okay, hold on.” Kevin pulled a chair over and set Nicky on top of it. He stood behind him so that if he were to fall Kevin could catch him and said:

“Okay, go ahead and stick your head in.”

“Fit’s Mold!” Kevin heard, muffled from the freezer. He grabbed ahold of the back of Nicky’s head and gently pulled him backwards.


“It’s cold!” Nick said, giggling and red faced from said cold.

“Yeah, it is!” Kevin said with a smile. He moved his hands to tickle lightly across Nick’s ribs. Nick giggled a little more. He did it again and Nick jumped a little, trying to move away from Kevin’s tickling fingers.

“No!” Nick squealed delightedly. He loved to be tickled but part of the fun was being chased. He jumped off of the kitchen chair and tried to run out of the kitchen but Kevin caught him around the middle, octopus arms twining around him to pull him down to the floor.

“I gotcha! There’s no getting away now!” Kevin said in a growly voice reminiscent of the cookie monster. “The tickle monster is here!”

“No, not him!” Nicky said, still giggling.

“Yes, and he’s going to attaaaaaaaaack!” Kevin yelled as he dug his fingers into Nick’s ribs. Nick laughed and
laughed and Kevin laughed along with him, loving the fact that he made Nick so happy. He never got to spend that much time just him and Nick. Nick was his little brother too. Almost everyone seemed to forget that, but he wanted to be there for Nick too, be a big brother to him, love him and make him smile. He’d barely got to do that for Joe before Nick came along and Joe had always been sort of an odd little boy anyway. He was very independent except for when he was way too codependent but that wasn’t usually with Kevin, but with Mommy. That was the way it had been. Joe with Mommy and Kevin closer to Daddy. Then Nick had come into the picture and everything changed. He was the baby so naturally everyone’s focus shifted to him but he immediately latched on to Joe. Kevin just wanted to be able to show him that he could be a big brother too. He could be a great big brother.

The two of them heard the floor creak and looked up to see Joe at the entrance to the kitchen, rubbing sleep out of his eyes and tilting his head at them.

“What’s going on?” he croaked.

“Joe.” Nick said, eyes lighting up even more than before. “You’re up.” He smiled and made a move to get up and Kevin let him go. He went over and grabbed Joe’s hand, dragging him to the open freezer door. “Look! Kevin and me made some Kool-Aid ice cubes. He said it’d be a good idea ‘cause they wouldn’t taste like just water and I got to stir and stick my head in the freezer and-”

“That’s cool, Nicky.” Joe said, subdued. He was looking down at his feet and fiddling with the hem of his shorts with his left hand. (The one not currently occupied by Nick’s hand)

“Yeah…” Nick said, excitement waning. Why was Joe not happy? “Don’t you like popsicles, Joe?”

“Of course he does.” Kevin blurted, moving to stand where Joe and Nick were. Joe gave Kevin a strange look.

“Yeah, Nicky I do but…why didn’t you wake me.”

“You get cranky when I do.”

“Yeah but….If you were making….never mind it’s stupid.” Joe said, flashing a small smile at Nick that didn’t reach his eyes. Nick was not fooled.

“Sorry we did it without you.” He said softly taking hold of Joe’s other hand.

“S’okay, Nicky. It’s not a big deal. Look, we better close the freezer or they’ll never freeze.”

Joe did just that and moved to walk out of the kitchen. Nick followed. Nick almost always followed.
Kevin tried not to feel hurt. It wasn’t the first time and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. He’d go and check out what Joe and Nick were doing later. Maybe he should try taking that nap now.

September 2nd 1996 Wyckoff, NJ

School was starting up again for everyone next week which meant supply shopping was in order. Kevin Sr. had decided to take off for a couple days because he’d missed Nick’s first day of preschool, Joe’s first day of first grade, and Jr.’s first of third and had promised himself (and more importantly Denise and God) that he was going to try to do better, to spend more time with his family, to stress a little less despite how much debt they were in. They had each other, they’d be fine.

The whole family piled up in the old van and started off to the nearby K-mart. When they got there Joe wanted to go into the painting aisle with all of the “big markers, and crayons, and colorful stuff” and Kevin Jr. really wanted to split off into the aisle with the “pretty paper and purple glue sticks”. Sometimes Kevin worried about his oldest son.

“Well, what do you wanna look at honey?” Denise asked Nick before he could aimlessly trail after Joe.

“Anything you wanna see?” Nick turned to say he really didn’t know what he wanted to look at when something caught his attention. He walked over to the small guitar at the front of the opposite aisle, eyes poring over its glossy red finish. It was beautiful, and he could already hear the notes moving and swirling inside his head. Dancing around each other and turning themselves into music. He trailed his small fingers over the strings. One of the notes came out sounding sour and he picked up the guitar, trying to see if he could fix it by turning the weird shaped knobs at the end. By this time Denise was ready to rush over and gently pry the instrument from her son’s hands. She didn’t want him breaking the thing they didn’t have the money for it. But her husband stopped her before she even took the first step.

“Shhh…just wait a second.” He whispered. He didn’t turn his gaze from his youngest.

Nick’s eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he tried to find the right sound to fit all of the other sounds. He kept turning the knob this way and that, needing the note to sound right, otherwise anything he played would sound off, wrong. He kept turning and turning, impatient for it, and finally he heard the perfect note. The one that made him breathe a sigh of relief. He ran his fingers over the strings one more time and found peace in the fact that it sounded exactly right. He grinned and looked up to see his Daddy staring at him, a weird look in his eye.

“Nicky…” he said, his voice the softest Nick had ever heard it. “What did you just do?”

He didn’t know what he did, but he hoped it wasn’t bad. He knew it wasn’t wrong because nothing that sounded and felt so right could be wrong, but it could still be bad.

“I fixed it.”


“…um…well, Don’t you hear that? Don’t you hear that music?”

“What music, son?” Kevin asked, hopeful and concerned at the same time. He put his hand on Nicky’s shoulder.

Nick wasn’t sure why Daddy couldn’t hear it if he could. He thought it was something everyone heard. But he had to answer Daddy’s question. What if something was wrong with him?

“It’s always playing in my head.” He said, soft as a whisper.

Kevin sighed and leaned forward, gently tucking his son’s head underneath his chin and hugging him with all that was in him, words like prodigy, genius, Julliard, and fame whirling around in his head.


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