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14 November 2010 @ 03:36 pm
Title: Secrets and Lies Cont.
Pairing: Joe/Nick
Length: 996 words
Rating: PG 13 (for illegal actions?)
Warnings: incest silly but thats what you're here for!
Summary: Joe needs Nick like breathing
Disclaimer: This is just the wild imaginings of a young woman with too much time on her hands


“Nick? What’s going on?”

Nick really can’t deal with this. He just…he can’t. He can’t fix Joe and he can’t take back what he said. But he CAN’T tell Kevin. God knows what he’ll do. Probably go straight to Dad and then he’ll split them up. No matter that Joe’s a grown ass man now he’ll send Nick somewhere far, far away, put the private jets on lockdown. Nick couldn’t live without Joe, though, so that kind of separation would end in disaster, most likely depression, and possibly worse and Joe is high and spouting nonsense about Nick not loving him. What the fuck would make him think…

“Nick!” Nick is jolted out of his reverie by a sharp voice and a light tap to the cheek.


“Are you okay? I asked you what’s going on.”

Nick looked from Kevin to Joe and back again. Kevin’s face a big question mark, Joe’s eyes coming in and out of focus.

“Nothing. Sorry for calling you back here I just….I was having a debate with Joe about…” Nick stalled. He’s never been particularly good at lying.

“Who would get the last apple juice.” Joe completed. “I was being a dick and a little bit annoying.”

“Mmhmm, what else is new?” Kevin said snidely.

“Right…” Nick started before the two could get into something. Or before Kevin looked closer and saw that Joe was high right now. “…and I called you to back me up. But like Joe said he was just being a dick so…Well…That’s it so…its cool”

“Ooookay. Well. It’s getting late so I’m gonna take Frank over to Mom and Dad’s trailer and then head over to my lady.”

“Dude…” Nick really was gonna have to, at some point, tell Kev that calling his wife his “lady” didn’t sound suave; it just made him sound like a douche. That time was not now though. He sighed. “Yeah,okay.”

“Okay.” Kevin said. He reached forward and gave both Nick and Joe a hug. “Goodnight guys. Get some sleep. Especially you Nick, you look like the walking dead.” He said, pointing and using his big brother voice, as he walked backwards out of the room and toward the front part of the bus.

“You didn’t have to cover for me.” Joe said, after they heard the door to the bus slam closed; the two of them safely alone. He sounded much more sober than he had a few minutes ago. “I don’t…” he began before trailing off and following a dust particle with his eyes before sticking out his tongue and trying to follow it with that. Perhaps Nick had spoken too soon.

“Joe.” He said softly.

“Hmmm?” Joe turned to him. Nick looked into his brother’s eyes and realized that they were not gonna get through this conversation tonight. Joe was too incoherent, Nick was too tired, and they had too much to talk about.

“Let’s just…get into bed okay?” He moved forward to aid Joe in taking off his clothes as he obviously was in no state to take them off himself. He honestly had every intention of just stripping off his shirt and jeans and dumping him in his bed before going outside to his own cold sheets and pretending to get to sleep for an hour before restlessly drifting off. But once Joe’d let him touch him and pull the shirt over his head, see his skin….smooth, tan, warm, gorgeous skin, Nick couldn’t help but skim his hands over it just once…just to see what it felt like.

“mmmm” he heard Joe mumble low in his throat. His brother shivered and Nick felt his lower stomach tighten. No. No, now was not the time. There was never a time, but if there were a time that was the worst time to ever not never do this now was the time to not….No.

“Bed, Joe.” Nick said swiftly, deftly unzipping his brother’s jeans and pushing him away with the metaphorical strength of ten thousand men. Bed. They’d go to bed…separately. Alone.

“Stay?” he heard whispered softly. He lifted his head and saw Joe in all his beautiful half naked glory. Joe’d apparently been quicker at the removing clothes thing than Nick had thought because his pants were laying in a crumpled heap on the floor and he was spread out as far as he could on his small bed, tan skin for miles, and boxer briefs hugging his strong thighs, slim hips, and what Nick saw was a fairly sizeable package, even soft. Joe had his arms out, was reaching for Nick. Nick cleared his throat.

“I uh...” he ran his tongue across suddenly dry lips. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“Please. I’m sorry. I know I fucked up. I know I’m supposed to know what to do. How to fix this. Love you back. But all I can do is try and be…I don’t know…good. Better maybe…something.” Joe shook his head slightly and brought one hand to his forehead like he had a headache.

“Shhh” Nick said, walking over and sitting down on the edge of the bed. “No…I don’t know what we’re gonna do, or how or…even if you can or should… love me back.” Nick shook his own head. It doesn’t matter right now.
“You’re wasted, I’m so tired…” He started running his fingers through Joe’s soft, thick hair, the short, dark strands parting easily.

“I just need you, Nicky. Just for tonight. Will you stay?” Joe rasped and reached up to gently grab ahold of the back of Nick’s neck. Nick hadn’t felt Joe’s skin on his in weeks and his touched seared through his nerves, acid in his veins.


“Just tonight.” Joe whispered, leaning up to lay a soft, wet kiss to Nick’s red bitten lips. Nick gave in and settled his weight over his brother, sinking into the kiss like a drowning man in the deepest, darkest ocean, never to rise to the surface again.
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